Jamon Branding


Brand Design

• Jamon was a new brand that Tabacalera had their art department work up multiple designs for in many different directions. My designs were chosen to represent the brand and later on went to spawn another cigar entitled "Jamoncito".


• Placencia and Tabacalera wanted a brand in line with the name "Jamon" which in Spanish means "Ham". Other than that we were free to be as creative as possible under the time limit. 


• Initially I was playing around with colors and different ways to present text. My mind immediately went to some beer branding and I chose to also illustrate a design on my Wacom which after refinement went on to become the design.

Final Designs

• After the initial 3 final design mockups everyone had decided to go with the boar's head design with the color scheme of the Blue, Red, and Tan cigar tin. I refined the design and altered things accordingly. 

•When Jamoncito was pitched to me, it was said that they wanted a new color and illustration to the same design concept as the original Jamon. After days of illustration work the final head bust image was chosen for Jamoncito.