Wedding Design



My Wedding Design 

• I tasked myself with the design for most things that happened during the course of the time preparing to get married. That meant using our beautiful engagement photography shot by Joy Masi to create Social Posts, Save-the-dates and a website that our guests could use as an information source as well as a place to RSVP. 

Print Design

• I knew I wanted to use a modernized take on an Art Deco style. The save-the-dates were meant to be straight and to the point with colors approved by my wife and using our engagement photography. 

The Invitation was slightly different and I wanted it to look far more vintage than the save-the-dates. I found an amazing font that and found a collaborator who was able to take my design and fabricate a plate for letterpress with it. Jeanette Pidi was able to beautifully realize my design on an antique 1920's Chandler & Price letterpress. 

Additional Design Work

• I made various social posts including the image counting down 100 days until the wedding. Additionally my wife works with coffee and was able to roast her own blend of coffee for the favors and I designed a quick "Thank You" sticker to be placed on the packaging. Other things like table card designs were also done for the event. 

There are so many moving parts to weddings and wedding design and I'm very happy with how everything turned out. It was a great experience.